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 Hello new friend, welcome to my life.

YES, my life was a clever use of my initials thought up by my younger sister when my love for travel, photography, and writing pushed me to consider starting a blog. This site came to be after so many of my friends and even strangers online asked me about how I travel and tips I had for them and well, here we are! I’ve been told I’m quite practical and smart with how I plan things so I thought why not share and make your life a bit easier?

It all started when I took my first solo trip to Europe back in September of 2018 and holy moly has my life been changed forever! The culmination of months of research and personal travel experience led to this blog which I now get to share with you. Thanks to my blog and other social media platforms, I’ve also been blessed to work with some amazing brands along the way!

I’ve always been a bit of a creative, stemming out to multiple mediums from drawing, painting, ceramics, and more recently, photography! I’ve always loved taking photos (even starting on a flip phone back in the early 2000s) and it’s become such a huge part of my travels and daily life. Along with the beautiful places that I visit are the beautiful souls I meet along the way and boy, do I love hearing the wonderful stories of their lives. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with capturing the beauty of the people around me through my eyes, aka my lens.

Join me in my adventures and I hope I can share some of the joys and beauty I experience around me with you.